People 2000



The world is round as a ball
And if we put it on our hand
It seems so hard just to control
And also hard to understand:
How people manage to survive?
How do they all remain alive?
A deaf sometimes may seem a child,
Unwilling to abbey, so wild.
Makes lots of problems to his dad
And mom is shouting like she’s mad.
The school is just another story.
It makes him lose his proud, his glory.
While teachers yell and push, and throw.
The most unpleasant place to go.
The neighborhood is full of boys
That use a lot of modern toys
Like guns and pistols, drugs and knives,
The blood is pouring in your eyes.
They hold your throat and wildly say:
“Come on, boy, if you don’t play
Our rules and simply lose,
We will fry you as a goose!!!”
Now you’re walking calmly home,
Feeling sad and so alone,
Needing peace and consolation,
You are tired of this nation.
Your soul wants to see things right,
But your parents always fight.
Short skirts that are now in fashion,
They cannot be even mentioned.
If a really gorgeous guy
Asks you for a date, just try
To sneak out and have some fun.
Dad will buy another gun.
“If that fool just comes again,
I shall throw him in the den.
If you’re trying to complain
You’ll be picking up his brain!!!”
It’s not life, an awful hell,
Things can never turn out well.
One day you’ll be in the street
Begging for some food to eat.
And the pocket cries for money.
You know, life can be so funny.
Why are people often cruel?
Making their child a fool.
Cause the world is so amazing,
But your eyes are tired of gazing
At these people without soul,
Living to achieve their goal.
Children’s life contains an aim
Teens declare without shame:
”We are people that resist,
Not afraid to show our fist,
Always tough to rise our foot
At anyone that tries to shoot.
We’re young, we’re strong,
We know to fight,
We never do what’s wrong,
We just defend what’s good and right!
Our eyes don’t cry, don’t feel the pain,
We’ll beat the wind, we’ll drink the rain.
We’ll stop the fire, stop the world
From choking under eyes of God.
Together we have built a nation
And represent NEW GENERATION!!!”


© Art