The way I feel

romance   The sun was going down so slowly spreading his last small and gentle rays so that my room seemed to be bathed in candlelight. The dask was so chilling and the wind was blowing coldly. As I approached the wide open window I could still see behind the silk curtains the ruby red half of the sun in form of a delicious apple. This scene was impressive but at the same time it was frightful and amazing.

   I quietly sat at the other side of my bed because this side close to the window was reserved for you. As my head calmly touched the soft pillow and my dress fell like a snowflake on the floor I found myself lying under the counterpane being so free and easy just like a feather. Though you were not there I was still feeling your presence and your sweet and easy breath. I felt like my lips were two drops of rain as you sweetly moistened them and warmed my body with your touch.

   There was nothing in the world I wanted more as I care about you so much... so-so much...


© Art