My unforgettable dream

my dream

He's tall, he's smart,

His big blue eyes are charming and amazing.

He'll never break my poor loving heart

And I can say I'm never tired of gazing

At his blak hair, his arms that hold me tight

During the day and through the darkest night.

He is my hero; his velvet lips are sweet,

I always knew that we were meant to meet!

   I know that each of us is a dreamer and sometimes when things go really wrong we do hope that soon everything will change and run smoothly. I am a dreamer myself that is why I often seem retiring and quiet. My dream-box is full of fantasies but there is only one dream I would like to share with you - a precious fantasy about the man of my dreams or my lifetime hero.

   "I see myself resting on a velvet couch and drinking a glass of deep red wine when he suddenly appears in front of me. I hold my breath amazed and overwhelmed at the same time. He is the best-looking guy I have ever seen. He is wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and motorcycle boots. His dark hair is slicked back behind his ears and he pushes a stray lock of hair back into place.

   As he approaches my heart starts pounding faster. He is very close now and I can see his reflection in my glass of wine. His oval face has a truly intelligent look. The forehead is smooth as the table surface. His dense arched eyebrows seem to be citadels for his clever and charming eyes of a deep blue, as blue as the storming sea. I can feel his warm calming breath tickling softly my ear as he slowly whispers with his low melodious voice. At first I cannot understand the gist of his words but I am pretty sure he is saying something very pleasant. 

   He is so placid and I notice an adorable smile as he caresses my hair. I know he is gregarious but he pretends to ignore everyone who passes by and greets him because he prefers to dedicate his soul, mind and body to me. 

    Now I see the room bathed in candlelight and there is nobody but us in. My eyelids seem to be so heavy and I am slowly closing my eyes as his sweet lips moisten mine with extreme tenderness. We slowly dive into a river of pleasure and harmony."

    So sweet but it was just a dream. The most amazing dream I have ever had...


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