Once upon a time I knew a little girl who was not a girl but an alien who flew from a distant planet to find out more about the situation on Earth. Her name was Tutulala and she was really pretty, like any child of her age. Actually she was five years old. Her parents were the shadows of thirty five distant planets that mixed up and revolved in the process of interstellar evolution. Hence the baby-alien was brought up by a comet and a distant star that felt mercy for her, because the shadows of the planets were not good parents at all. And she grew up pretty, like a human girl because since she was very small she adored stories about humans, but now that she was five, she loved them even more. She used to fall asleep dreaming of Earth and her trip to this fascinating planet.


   But when she arrived she felt a bit disappointed at first because she stepped on the earth of Iraq and there was war… Thus she began to cry and twirl and furl… But nobody would pay attention as there were many children who were suffering there. Then she decided to show them her toys - heat-rays that threw laser and hot magma in every part. When Americans saw this marvelous piece of invention they thought, of course, that this little girl was a child of American patriots and her parents might have wanted her to become a patriot since she was only five years old. Oh, Americans… They are always so swollen with pride for their nation…


   But she was just a poor alien and she didn’t want to waste her toys for stupid human misunderstandings. So she went further and entered her special rocket that brought her to Tutulandia. She was even more terrified when she saw this country because people were not much more different than those aliens that she new. She thought that was the right place for her to stay. Everything seemed familiar. Everything seemed right and even her name was not weird to her anymore because she met people with weird names here, too. It was the land of her dreams. She didn’t need to learn how to earn money. She could become invisible and take anything for free. But what captivated her most of all was the Tutulandia State University, lectures on American language and history and her thesis…


   Oh! This story is just a dream of a hungry and tired student during an ordinary lecture at the University. What was she dreaming about? To bring peace in the world, to have a bite of chocolate and to finish writing her thesis as soon as possible. Otherwise she would go crazy like that little girl who needed some rest and consolation and whose name was Tutulala… Finally the bell is ringing!


   I woke up as soon as possible! Thanks God nobody saw me daydreaming! I am back into my body and everything I wished for had just dissolved in the air. “Your homework for the next time is…” and with these words, my daydream crumbled to dust on the doorstep.


© Crowelle.com/Tatiana Art