Heartbreaking story



When he was born his parents separated and that is where the “break” or fracture appeared for the first time. He felt like he was guilty of their separation. He saw two loving hearts fight and set apart. Since that first “break” in his childhood all the other ruptures and misfortunes were following him wherever he would go. They dwelled in his poor heart and he couldn’t get rid of them. It was like a curse or a nightmare he couldn’t recover from.


Why him? He is tall, gorgeous, smart, and intelligent. The perfect man to fall in love with. But everything he touches when he is angry or dissatisfied simply breaks into pieces, splits or falls apart. And if anyone tries to love him, everything goes wrong. Superficial women constantly break his heart and he finally feels alone struggling to “fix” his poor soul, doing his best to improve and go on.


One day a man on the street was trying to sell him some flowers while our hero was very upset. He refused to buy those flowers and as he scarcely touched the bouquet to push it aside all the flowers withered.


But nobody would notice this phenomenon but him. Nobody cared. Women were ignorant and interested only in his wealth and having a good time.


One day he came home so exhausted, so tired of his plane and colorless life and was feeling so depressed that he went outside and sat in the middle of the street and looking at the sky line asked himself in a total state of distress: “How will I ever know that she is the one? How will I ever find her? ”. As usually, the road cracked as he touched it because everything breaks from his touch. He wasn’t surprised about that. But all of a sudden he noticed a miracle – a rose was growing in the crack of the walkway.   


He couldn’t believe his eyes. What happened and why? Then he saw a girl walking on the street right next to him. She was in a hurry and he saw her only from her back, thus he didn’t see her face and she remained a mystery for him. But he also felt that from that very moment his life wouldn’t be the same and that was a sign from above – she was the one for him and he knew how to find her. She was meant to put all those breaking pieces together. She was his destiny and only she could heal his heart.


Was it hard to find her now? Yes and no. On the one side he had to cause pain and destruction and be quite attentive and observe if all that would be improved by some unknown mysterious stranger. On the other side – it was his last chance to survive and learn to share love, affection and friendliness to everyone and everything around him instead of all that rage and fury he was breeding. Because when you truly love someone everything makes sense and everything around you changes positively. Your inner state influences the world around you.


Love can heal our bleeding wounds; can cure our hearts and our entire persona. That is the core meaning of the song. It is heartbreaking how love can put all the shattered pieces together, alleviate the pain in our souls and make our dreams come true.


The heart of our hero was broken, but at the same time it is heartbreaking how that mysterious woman that he finally finds puts the pieces of his heart back into place.


From the day he was praying at the skies the unknown girl will appear everywhere he causes pain and destruction. She will help him set things right then will disappear really quickly. Because he sees her but she doesn’t see him. He is invisible for her. She is his colorful shadow.


She is pure, he is sinful. They are two opposite poles that attract each other.


 He will finally meet her when instead of being aggressive he will resist to that evil temptation and will try to smile. And guess what? She will smile back at him. It will be their first date and from that very moment everything will change for both of them and his heart will stop bleeding.


She won’t be a shadow anymore. He won’t be invisible. Now she is real and he is real as well.


She will finally “open her eyes” and see him, she will notice him because he will be smiling not only with his lips. He will be smiling with his new heart. A heart that she restored back to health, a heart that learned to love and spread affection. 




© Crowelle.com/Tatiana Art