* A joke dedicated to Alexandru Railean


Once upon a time I went
To some courses where I met
Not by telephone or fax,
A smart guy whose name was Max.
Then I fell in love so fast
And I ‘married’ Max at last.
Our dates were long and sweet,
Maybe we were meant to meet?
No, the destiny was dull!
My relationship turned null…
But that’s not the greatest part,
Should’ve told you from the start.
One day Max was cute and wise
He prepared a surprise.
Then we slowly went on road,
Not to Africa abroad,
Nor to ‘Centru’ or ‘Cecani’,
But to heaven ‘Buiucani’.
There I met a great ‘ciuvak’,
Just by mere bless of luck.
Born after his sister Tash
And his parents named him Sash.
Firstly I noticed his looks,
Never seen in fashion ‘books’.
Then I liked his childish smile
And I stared for a while
At his ‘needled’ hair style
That was stiff and not fragile.
To be frank I was impressed,
Not by crazy way he dressed.
By his jokes that were so cool,
About teachers from his school,
And his English is so good,
I admit it ‘splashed’ my mood
With true waves of burning laugh,
Which I couldn’t get enough.
Sash is also ‘puter master’,
Cause no one can type stuff faster.
And his programs are  ‘krutie’
But his stories --‘zavodnie’.
Sash took pix of skinny pigeons,
And the nature from those regions.
Then he took a pic of me,
Standing with Max by a tree.
Gr8dude, Gandalf or Saniok,
Who read books and saw ‘VIDOQ’
Alex has a super site
That I love to check at night,
‘Cause my poems on page three
Are exposed to read for free.
Gandy writes some poems, too,
On page 1 they are on view.
So he is a ‘kliovii dude’
‘Jali’ not in my neighborhood!
He’s a real friend of mine
We are getting on so fine!!!
And I wish him luck in love,
Let it fall right from above,
Luck with his small comp and school,
Let his crazy style rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!




© Art