Today I’m here; tomorrow I’ll be dead.

Will you be kissing my own grave instead?
Or will you drown in tears,
Like ships rot, swallowed by the sea.
Or chased by your irrupted fears
You will consent to die with me?

No mercy heals my inspiration, no support,
No colored lies about the trust in God,
I let you cry for me, alone,
Like dusty moles that dig a hole of isolation,
Inside my heart’s a piece of stone
My death won’t bear truth—just confirmation.

You’ll say, “She was pathetic”, you are right.
If I migrate to misty realms of night
Don’t worry, one day you will see,
Like icebergs buried in a freezing ocean
There will no place you’d rather be
Than resting like a dummy without motion.

Forget my sight, if all I see is bleak,
Forget my truthless words when I was forced to speak.
Imagine: you are heaven, I am hell, indeed. 
Like brainless living souls who crave
To steal your breath whenever you proceed,
I’ll search for freedom in a grave.

My last commitment is to find peace,
Succumb by fair judgment to release…
Decide whether to come or stay, don’t wait
Like silly rabbit till I say, “You must”,
You made your fatal choice too late
Then let me truly die at last.


© Art