My song



*Dedicated to Sergiu Hasnas and his vast music talent...


I’m mad, drowned in a river of 
A blank feeling of loss drives me back 
                            into mud.
No escape, liberation was built 
                          out of clay.
All we have left today is a 
                         painful pray.
Don’t try to find some peace 
                       on this earth.
Merciless God planted fever and 
Rotting, decaying is what we convey.
No future, no present, no past, no today.

People who wrecked their souls in 
I’m sick of this crowd that consists of 
Danger is hunting, I wake with a gun.
Your time is out, there is nowhere to run.

Agony calls seven days in a week.
My stomach is empty, but my mind is sick.

Waves of destruction caused tears and pain.
                  Gray skies of death left a terrible stain.

I’m faking this smile when my eyes still cry…
World seized the end, I am ready to die.


© Art