When love vanishes

revive love


Don’t try to tell me, baby, that one day you’ll come back,

Since you’ve been gone, my baby, my life is dyed in black.
When love lasts for a moment, that is our last good bye,
When love is torn and bloody, it means that it will die…


- When love vanishes, don’t try to revive it, it is useless…

- Why?

- Because you’ve said good-bye and he just went away.

- What do you mean to say?

- I mean to say that you can stop him now.

- But how?

- Go tell him that he is the only one you need.

- No, I will not succeed…

- You must!

- His love is buried with his trust. I cheated and I lied, I’m such a fool! Oh! Life can be so cruel!

- Repair what you’ve done!

- I am afraid I’m not the one…

- Just be the second if you can!

- I’m just a girl and he’s a man!

- You are too shy and what about your poor heart?

- He’s tearing it apart!

- Don’t sit alone, get out and fight!

- Oh, no, he will reject me from the start! We had a history together; we thought that it would last forever… But it was short enough to see that… love is useless, now he’s free… And I’m alone, with all my thoughts, imagining some tricky plots to catch him in my trap again. He’s something more than just a man. He is a mystery, a spell, he comes from heaven, and I’m from hell! He is the love that went away; I am the one who’s left to pray.

- Then pray enough to bring him back, or drink some poison, break your neck! Suicide is a solution for the tears on your cushion!

- You are nasty evil mind! Could you, please, be wise and kind?

- If I was kind I’d be the shadow of a mind! If I was wise your men would not escape like mice. Your love is gone out of

control. Don’t blame your mind! Blame your soul!!! 

My mind shouted like a freak! My heart was empty and my soul was bleak… 
I licked a tear on my cheek, I couldn’t think but then I tried to speak
With images and dusty moments from the past
They vanished slowly, they were never meant to last…

It’s useless to revive this love, I know, but I would run and then I’d go to tell him what I’ve never told, that he’s my angel sent from God! 

Please, give me one last try… 
This love just couldn’t die…


© Crowelle.com/Tatiana Art